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Speth Drilling offers a variety of services including Seismic Shot Hole Drilling, Geothermal, Flowing Hole Plugging, and Firefighting Water Support dealing primarily with oil, gas, mineral, and pot ash.

Speth Drillingspecializes in drilling in green areas which are restricted to Low Impact Seismic Drilling.

Seismic Shot Hole Drilling:

Speth Drilling can drill bore holes for seismic exploration activities.

Shot hole drilling is performed with a small truck-mounted driller. This is normally a shallow drilling operation, drilling to a depth of 50 to 75 feet. This activity involves drilling and the placing of the explosives in the drilled hole. The exploration/seismic crew is responsible for the discharge of the explosive. When the explosives are discharged or shot, the vibrations are recorded on a seismograph. Shot hole drilling services are generally contracted to seismic geophysical contractors to perform the drilling aspect of the seismic operation.


We have a wide selection of Air and Water drills to suit your program needs. They range in size and weight to accommodate all sites. We have a state of the art grouting unit allowing us to use thermally enhanced grouts.

Flowing Hole Plugging:

Do you have a naturally occurring spring on your property that you want stopped? We help prevent unwanted water on your property.

Firefighting Water Support

Weprovide water support to fire fighting crews.

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Our Services: Seismic Shot Hole Drilling, Geothermal Drilling, Flowing Hole Plugging, Firefighting Water Support