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"Everyone wants to get the job done right. To most people in our industry; that means on time, on budget and to the client's satisfaction.

But a major part of getting the job done right is also getting it done safely. Getting the job done safely means that the people involved follow safe work practices, policies, rules and regulations."
-Kelly Speth, Operations Supervisor

Speth Drilling is committed to conducting its activities in a manner that will safeguard the health and safety of our employees, contractors, visitors, and the public, while protecting the environment.

All levels of management are responsible and held accountable for providing and maintaining a safe work environment with proper procedures, training, equipment, and programs to ensure that work is performed to accepted company standards and in compliance with government regulations.

All workers and contractors employed by Speth Drilling share the responsibility to work in a manner, which safeguards themselves with equal concern for co-workers, the public and the environment. All employees and contractors are required to comply with company health and safety standards and be in compliance with government regulations.

We expect excellence in environmental, health and safety performance to be achieved through careful planning, support and active participation of everyone.

Policy Goals and Review
As a commitment to the continued success of our safety program, our companymeets twice yearly in order to review our safety and procedural manuals, company safety statistics, reward good safety records and to recognize good safety practices.

Speth Drilling has implemented a Substance Abuse Policy, including education, testing and rehabilitation.

Speth Drilling has the following company and employee certificates:

Company Certificates:

Employee Certificates:

Petroleum Industry Training Service
Partnerships in Health and Safety Certificate COR Holder
License for an Explosives User Magazine
National Safety Code Certificate
W.C.B. in AB, BC, SASK and US
IRP 16 Certified
Member of the ASC- Alberta Safety Council
Safety Stand Down Participants
Safety Fitness – Alberta Transport

TDG Clear Language
H2S Training
First Aid and CPR
Emergency Response
ENFORM Blasters Certificate
Hazards Incidents and You
Helicopter Safety
ATV Safety
Intro. to Geophysical ops
Legislation Awareness
PPE Awareness
Substance use & the workplace
Working Outdoors 101
Seismic Blasters Training
Bear Awareness
General Oilfield Driver Improvement Course
OSSA Training
Ground Disturbance Level II Training

health and safetyIRP

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