The Leader in Low Impact Seismic (LIS)Shot Hole Drilling

Speth Drilling isthe bestchoice for environmentally sensitive areas.

Speth Drilling is arecognized leaderin Low Impact Seismic (LIS) Shot Hole Drilling and can often drill in highly regulated green areas where other companies cannot.

We use rubber tracks on ourrigsto protect the ground from damage during the drilling process. This allows us toprotectroads, property, and the environment from unnecessary damage.

Our rigs are specially designed with water and airintegrated intoa single rig to reduce the number of machines making tracks. Our rigs leave a single track rather than two tracks normally produced under conventional industry practices. By combining our equipment into one unit we make less of an impact on the area we are drilling in.

Our lightweight rubber-tracked units minimize our impact on the environment while maintaining the ability to drill under adverse subsurface conditions.

Speth drilling is able to operate on avoidance cut lines as narrow as 1.75 meters (5.74 feet).

Remote operating controlsallow usto drill faster and more efficientlywhichin turn lowers the costs of drilling. The machine can be operated from the driver seat, from the rear or by remote.

We focus on the safety of employees and the impactto your property.

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Speth Drilling is a premiere supplier of Low Impact Seismic Drilling. Originally founded in 1977,Speth Drillingexperienced explosive growth throughout the 1980's, and emerged as a leader in technically advanced Low Impact Seismic rigs.Speth Drillingisa family owned and operated company.

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Speth Drilling operates throughout WesternCanada andthe United States.

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Speth Drilling is celebrating their 35th Anniversary this year.
Did you know that Speth Drilling Ltd. has an American counter part?

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